Case 3: Are my company’s Facebook followers my clients?

Problem: A consumer product organization wondered why it had five times as many Facebook followers as customers and how to convert these followers to actual clients.

Process: Avant designed a series of studies of their Facebook followers, current customers, and prospective market and found that few, if any, of their current customers were actually their Facebook followers. This was a serious problem because the organization spent significant resources on social media campaigns. We next examined what the differences were among its Facebook followers and current customers in terms of their psychographics, what was important to each group, and their expectations from the company.

Outcome: We identified a significant gap in understanding among prospective customers about what the client’s product did. Part of the reason was that the Facebook audience was different in psychographics from their traditional, current audience, and outside of scope of any “traditional” outreach that the client was presently engaged in. What was important to this group was distinct as was how they viewed the client’s products.

We developed a strategic marketing plan that altered how their traditional campaigns vis-à-vis their social media campaigns targeted customers. We also helped develop different social media campaigns that drove customers to traditional media outlets and final their stores.