Our Approach

We are social scientists trained conducting primary research on consumer behavior and consumer psychology. Our research has been published and presented in top peer-reviewed communication and business journals and are taught in universities and colleges.

To our clients, this research and knowledge translates to the following:

•The application of cutting edge research methodologies based on your problem and with your goals in mind.
•The use of state-of-the-art measurement approaches, statistics, and analytics that best answer your questions.
•The ability to provide strategic insights based on the data that can guarantee you outcomes.

Our process:

Our process involves listening to our clients. We spend a considerable amount of time understanding your problem, asking questions, reviewing existing data, and meeting with you before we even suggest a solution. We never propose methodologies just because we have a facility that can do it; instead we use the problem, your budget, and our scientific expertise as guides. We usually provide our clients with a series of research suggestions with varying cost estimates, explaining the strengths of weaknesses of each approach. We guide you to doing only what is necessary and possible within your budget.

A testament to the quality of our work is that almost all our clients provide us repeat business and recommend us to their associates. We will gladly provide you references to our work, much of which is published and available within the website.

To help you better understand what we do, we have put together a brief overview of some of our clients, the problems they had, and how we helped. Some information has been altered to maintain their confidentiality.

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