December 2023

DarkReading: Safeguarding Our Children’s Digital Future: A Call to Action

November 2023

WIVB/ABC: Create rules that protect you: Tips to shop safely this Cyber Monday from a cybersecurity expert.

KWCH Kansas: Judicial branch still reviewing scope of cyberattack

October 2023

CT Public Radio’s The Colin McEnroe Show: URGENT: Please immediately listen to this show about scam emails

WKBW: WNY small businesses warn of social media hacks

August 2023

Barclay Damon, LLP’s Cybersip Podcast hosted by Kevin Szczepanski: Social Engineering: The People Problem of Cybersecurity 

Cybersecurity News: Phishing Emails Generated by ChatGPT & Human Models Gained 81% Click Rates

TechTarget: Researchers put LLMs to the test in phishing email experiment.

PC Magazine: What to expect at Black hat 2023

WKBW/ABC: Credit card skimmers at Walmarts across the state

May 2023

Lawfare book review by Jonathan Cedarbaum: Can better training reduce the success rate of phishing attacks?

April 2023

Medium: It may not matter how close you are to Tom Cruise, but it matters how close you are to a hacker. 

WKBW/ABC: Cyber security expert weighs in on West Ferry home raid, takedown of criminal marketplace

WIVB/CBS 10.30 News Live: Cybersecurity expert Arun Vishwanath weighs in on the FBI takedown of the Genesis Marketplace.

March 2023

WKBW/ABC News: Concerns over threats made on Discord as app hits a half a billion users 

WBEN: Arun Vishwanath on Tik Tok ban on federal devices

January 2023

Homeland Security Today: Winning Cybersecurity Paper Addresses Algorithm Accuracy

GCN: No good deed goes unpunished: How phishing exploits government workers

December 2022

FriendlyFire Podcast: The right intent, the wrong approach to cyber resilience

November 2022

KBKast The Voice of Cyber Podcast: Risk Management using the weakest link

Dark Reading: Build Security Around Users: A Human-First Approach to Cyber Resilience

October 2022

Learning to Hack with Helen: Podcast with Helen Oakley

September 2022

Dark Reading: Time to change our flawed approach to security awareness

The CyBUrGuy Podcast: A deep dive into social engineering with Arun Vishwanath

BarCode Podcast Ep 65: The Weakest Link

July 2022

WKBW/ABC: Local experts weigh in on new concealed carry legislation

May 2022

WIVB/CBS: On the mass shooting at the TOPS in Buffalo

WBEN: Removing harmful content from the web a challenge

KWCH 12/CBS: Agriculture company AGCO hit by ransomware attack

March 2022

DarkReading: Stopping Russian cyber attacks at their source

WIVB/CBS: Cybersecurity expert shares tips on protecting yourself online amid Russia-Ukraine war

LinkedIn: The end of the beginning of COVID-19

September 2021

WIVB/CBS: Cybersecurity expert discusses accusations against Facebook

WBEN: Cyber expert on digital vaccine passports: “Do you want your data out there?”

Forbes: How likely is your employee to cause a data breach?

August 2021

#8thLayerInsights:  Podcast hosted by Perry Carpenter

June 2021

WBEN: Cyber security expert discusses phone scams

WBEN: Wegmans cloud databases exposed

May 2021

CNN: We could have stopped the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack

WBEN: Cybersecyrity expert discusses Amazon Sidewalk

Cheddar TV: Cybersecurity expert on the Problems Tackling Middle East MisInformation

WBEN: Cybersecurity expert discusses BPS ransomware attack


WKBW-ABC: BPS school familes & teacher data may have been breached

April 2021

WKBW-ABC: How does Excelsior Pass actually work?

WBEN: Vaccine passport for Bills games reignites debates over legality and user privacy

WKBW-ABC: Bills fans have mixed reactions to vaccine requirement for home games

March 2021

WKBW-ABC: Ransomware attack shutdown all Buffalo school learning

January 2021

KWCH12: Changing social media environment adds challenges to monitoring threats

December 2020

Security Magazine: NSA announces winner of 8th Annual Best Scientific Cybersecurity Research Paper Competition

November 2020

AKBW-ABC: How to protect yourself from online shopping scams 

WBEN Radio: What can be done to speed up electoral counting?

September 2020

Voice of America: China data leak points to massive global collection effort.

Voice of America: What does the data from the Chinese Communist Party’s global search resources Zhenhua tell us?

Voice of America: How Facebook’s Zuckerberg went from courting to criticizing Beijing

Voice of America (China):  Zuckerberg evolving views on China and TikTok

August 2020

ipSwitch: Data security in the cloud Part 2

ipSwitch: Data security in the cloud: Part 1 

Voice of America: China’s cyber attacks increase as the elections approach

July 2020

ipSwitch: 3 ways data is being exposed during the pandemic

June 2020

Dark Reading: What COVID-19 Teaches Us About Social Engineering

May 2020

WJBF/ABC: Protecting yourself from Zoom-bombing

DeFrag This: 4 Barriers Impeding Everyone’s Ability To Work From Home

April 2020

WKBW/ABC: On people cutting the (cable) cord

WKBW/ABC: Student led review bombing attempts at blocking Google Classroom

ipSwitch: How The Dark Triad–Hacking, Trolling, Misinformation–Can Impact Cyber Security During the Pandemic

March 2020

WKBW/ABC: Zoom story time hack

Raconteur: Could blockchain eliminate payment fraud altogether?

February 2020

Defrag This: Why cyber hygiene is so important. 

WIVB/CBS: Niagara University ransomware attack

January 2020

Infosecurity Magazine: Do we need more cyber hygiene?

November 2019

WIVB/CBS: Police use growing platform of personal security for public use

July 2019

Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs: A new era of cyber warfare.

Washington Post: The Internet is already being weaponized. The U.S. cyberattack on Iran won’t help. The troubling implications of a new form of warfare.

Straits Times, Singapore: The Internet is being weaponised.

May 2019

Information Age: Top 5 things we know about data theft: Attackers are coming after your information

Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) 2019

RCRWireless News: Hackers want the most bang for their buck, too

March 2019

WIVb/CBS: Personal safety wearables: Thwarting predators or bringing them closer?

December 2018

WIVB/CBS: Facebook says bug may have exposed user photos to developers

ABC/WKBW: Police stretched thin responding to multiple bomb threats

November 2018

BuzzFeed: A massive Marriott data breach affected 500 million customers

October 2018

CSO Online: The OPM hack explained: Bad security practices meet China’s Captain America

BBC Radio 5: President Trump’s use of a personal, nonsecure cellphone

September 2018

The Conversation (also appeared in LA Times, Chicago Tribune, and other outlets): Why do so many people fall for fake social media profiles online?

CNN: Spearphishing has become even more dangerous

August 2018

Infosecurity Magazine: To reward, or not to reward

May 2018

Social Media and Politics Podcast: Cyber attacks on social media

WIVB: Cybercrime losses exceed $1.4 billion, FBI reports

April 2018

WBEN: State DMV selling registration info a ‘breach of the public’s trust’

DeFrag This: What we can learn from the Iranian phishing attack

March 2018

WBEN: Facebook security in for changes

WIVB: Cybersecurity expert weighs in on Facebook

February 2018

CNN: When a robot writes your news, what happens to democracy 

January 2018

CNN: This op-ed wasn’t written by AI

November 2017

WIVB: Big and Small Companies on the Radar of Data Hackers

P.I.C.N.I.C Podcast: Has Your Company Turned into a Social Engineering Lab Rat?

October 2017

Raconteur, London: Protecting elections from cyberattacks

September 2017

Fortune: Is the new iPhone designed for cyber safety?

LA Times: Is the new iPhone designed for cybersafety?

Newsweek: Iphone 8 and cyber security: How safe is it really?

Psychology Today: The Hardest Word

Salon: Is the new iPhone designed for cybersafety?

Chicago Tribune: Is the new iPhone designed for cybersafety?

Defrag This Podcast wth Greg Mooney: How to Help Users Stop Falling for Phishing Attacks

August 2017

Chicago Tribune: How this $10 device protects your network from hackers

Dark Reading: Why Most Security Awareness Training Fails (And What To Do About It)

WKBW: Protecting Your Family from Cyber Predators

July 2017

Las Vegas Review-Journal: When it comes to cybersecurity, employees are weakest link

Kaspersky Lab: Tips to educate your staff on cybersecurity

BrightTALK and ITSP Magazine: Live panel “Power To The People – Knowledge Is Power

SC Magazine: Diagnosing employee phishing weaknesses key to improving email security

Breach Exchange: Diagnosing employee phishing weaknesses key to improving email security

Attivo Networks: Can’t miss sessions at Blackhat 2017

Mediapro: Three human-focused sessions to attend at Blackhat 2017

June 2017

WIVB: Keeping your computers safe from cyberattacks

CNN: You are the key to keeping your computer safe

WIVB: New “Snap Map” feature raises privacy concerns on Snapchat

WION: Personal details of nearly 200 million US citizens exposed

May 2017

WIVB: Travelers beware: Keeping your information safe over Memorial Day Weekend

WKBW: Insight into the problem of ransomware

WKBW: ECMC still recovering from cyberattack

April 2017

WIVB: Safeguarding America’s nuclear weapons from emerging cyber threats

WBEN AM930: In Focus: Ransomware and the ECMC Computer Virus

WKBW: ECMC computers still down because of computer virus

WIVB: Patient files so far okay after ECMC cyber attack

March 2017

WION: Putin denies US Poll link

WION: Wikileaks exposes CIA’s spying tools

February 2017

WKBW: Doll could be spying on your kids

BYU/XM Radio: M att Townsend Radioshow: Campaign Spear Phishing, Why Time Flies, Ruin Relationships

WION: Immigration ban impact on IT sector

WKBW: Staying safe from “virtual kidnapping” scams

January 2017

WIVB: Your kids could be targets of cyber hacks

WIVB: Gmail users be warned, hackers are targeting your email

CNN Op-Ed: On what President-elect Trump must do to save the Internet

WIVB: The Internet is under attack

La Presse, Canada: Russian Interference in the US Elections

WION (Zee World News): President Obama bids farewell 

December 2016

WION Primetime Gravitas Panel Topic : Radicalization and Social Media Impacts: A night of terror in Berlin, Zurich and Ankara

WION (Zee World News) Primetime Gravitas Panel Topic: Russian hacks and its influence on the U.S. Presidential Elections Aftermath 

USA Today: It’s new and it’s bad: Yahoo discloses 1B account breach

BuzzFeed News: 1 Billion More Yahoo Accounts Have Been Hacked

November 2016

Scientific American: “Spear-Phishing” Roiled the Presidential Campaign—Here’s How to Protect Yourself

Houston Chronicle: How to keep your emails off WikiLeaks: Five ways to frustrate the weasels trying to hack your accounts

WGRZ Channel 2: 5 simple ways to keep your emails from ending up on Wikileaks

Wired Magazine (Issue guest-edited by President Obama): Inside the Cyberattack that Shocked the US Government

WWL AM870/FM105.3: Hackers Shutdown Major Internet Providers

October 2016

La Presse, Canada: Mysterious motives of Wiki Leaks 

The Daily Beast: Democrats Say WikiLeaks Is a Russian Front, U.S. Intelligence Isn’t So Sure

September 2016

At Buffalo: Gone Phishin’

CNN Op-Ed: Cyber security: It’s not just about Yahoo

Risk Management Magazine: Curb Phishing Damage with a New, Human Approach to Bad Habits

August 2016

InfoSecurity Magazine: Repel spear phishing by teaching people

June 2016

How to phish your employees

July 2016

Fast Company: How WikiLeaks Has Changed: From Whistleblower To Weapon

Politico: Chasing the trail in the DNC hack

May 2016

WKBW/ABC Channel 7: Who’s watching you?

The Conversation: Cybersecurity’s weakest link: humans

IT security is a people problem, UB cybersecurity expert tells House members 

CNN Op-Ed: Why we need a cyber wall

April 2016

University at Buffalo’s At Buffalo Spring 2016 feature: The Big Idea

WKBW/ABC Channel 7: Expert: school districts at risk for hacking attacks

CNN Op-Ed: Time to rethink apps security

Will you fall for an email scam this tax season?

How to become unphishable

March 2016

CNN Op-Ed: Is 2016 the year of online extortion?

Politico: Infrastructure Attacks: The way of the future  

USA Today: A third of email sent to U.S. House is malware, a virus or spam

CNN Op-Ed: Apple, want to show you really care? Protect us from everyday hacking

February 2016

Apple vs. FBI could have larger impacts, UB professor says

Cyber attack on LA hospital offers a scary lesson to computer users

CNN Op-Ed: When hackers turn your lights off

December 2015

Cyber security expert talks spearphising, recent breach

Cyber laws no easy fix in fight against ISIS, local expert says

Cyber hacker attacks kids’ software putting millions at risk

November 2015

Criminals poised for Cyber Monday

Warning to holiday cyber shoppers: don’t get hacked

Spear phishing” attacks exploit consumers’ email habits

Focusing on user habits key to preventing email phishing

September 2015

Excellus cyberattack may affect a lot more people than insurer estimates

Cyber breach hits 10 million Excellus healthcare customers

Jul 2015

Making the government impenetrable to hackers impossible, experts say

Jun 2015

OPM hack raises questions about security of government contractors

Why the cyberattacks keep coming

Senate bill would help thwart hackers, experts say

Apr 2015

Russian hacking case shows vulnerability of U.S. networks, UB expert says

Feb 2015

World Economic Forum Op-Ed: Who is to blame for cyberattacks?

Fraudulent E-mails Rich with Information Aid Success to Phishing Scams, Finds Study

Jan 2015

World Economic Forum Op-Ed: How to fight cybercrime with smarter habits

What makes phishing emails so successful?

Profitable phishing schemes slyly tinker with our heads, then rip us off

University of Buffalo Prof. Arun Vishwanath leads study on phishing scams that prey on fear


New e-mail scam preys on parents’ fears

Most Cybercrime Still Relies On Our Laziness

Junk ‘information-rich’ e-mails to avoid fraud

Dec 2014

CNN Op-Ed: Where’s the outrage over the Sony hack?

Archive 2014

NSF grant funds UB communication research into anti-phishing models

The Scary Way a Friend Request Can Lead to Identity Theft

Habitual Facebook Users More Likely to Be Scammed

In Farcing, Thieves Ask ‘Would You Be My Friend?

Internet users made the heist by Russian hackers a piece of cake

Social media alert: Online phishers are ‘farcing’ your brains out