Quality Control Procedures

Avant Research Group has established interviewer training and certification procedures to ensure that all aspects of each study are conducted according to the highest research standards. Avant Research Group’s supervisors and professional interviewers must go through a comprehensive, in-depth training program prior to the start of each project. This training program concentrates on administration of the survey instrument using proper interviewing technique, probing, and maintaining interviewer neutrality. Techniques to avoid initial refusals and minimize hang-ups are also addressed during training for telephone surveys. Avant Research Group provides general training as well as in-person training that is tailored to suit the needs of each individual client.

Quality control is ensured through intense monitoring and verification of calls and surveys. Monitoring of interviewers is stressed throughout the project, in order to ensure that script adherence, probing, and assurance of confidentiality are all properly conducted. Ten percent (10%) of all completions are verified to ensure that the survey did take place at the specified time and was conducted according to proper research procedures.

Avant Research Group is committed to adhering to the Marketing Research Association’s Code of Data Collection Standards, which ensures that opinion and marketing standards are maintained and upheld among the Association’s members.