Business-to-Business Research

The opinions, satisfaction, and awareness of business consumers, or even employees within your own company, can be difficult to estimate/understand for many companies. What are businesses looking for? How can you help them please their consumer? How can you help your employees perform better?

Many companies have turned to Avant Research Group to conduct business-to-business studies because of our extensive experience in the field, skill at contacting hard-to-reach individuals, and professional interviewing staff, specially trained for executive and business interviews.

Common types of business studies include awareness, customer satisfaction, and interviews conducted with physicians, executives, and other professionals or primary decision makers.

A variety of data collection methods may be used to collect information for your business-to-business study. We can then track your study from year-to-year to identify any changes in the target audience or their opinions.

A viable, inexpensive option for businesses today, who wish to contact a population with Internet access, is online surveys. This allows busy target audiences to complete the survey at the time most convenient for them.