Data Entry & Tabulation

Whether your needs are one-time or ongoing, large or small, we have your solution. Rapid processing with exceptional accuracy makes Avant Research Group the finest source for all your data entry needs.

Our data entry specialists are able to convert any type of document or information from paper to computer ready data. Avant Research Group can accurately input any type of data you have, saving you time and money.

Types of documents:

Business reply cards
Convention leads
Customer lists
Guest books
Legal forms
Mailing lists
Medical forms
Product registration cards
Sweepstakes forms
Trade shows contacts
Warranty registrations
Any other data entry need

GRA can deliver the data in any format including:

Access Format (*.mdb)
American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII)
Excel Format (*.xls)
Text Format (*.txt)
Word Format (*.doc)
Zip Format (*.zip)
Or any other type you need

Final output options:

3.5-inch diskette

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