Mystery Shopping

Avant Research Group's mystery shopping research service is used to anonymously examine your company.

Mystery shopping occupies a significant position that fills the gap of critical information between operations and marketing. Mystery shopping is the way to ensure that the front lines of your company are completing the services, communications, and final products that you intend them to provide. Avant Research Group’s mystery-shopping service provides your company with the information that helps improve operating efficiency, examines employee honesty and integrity, and understands the experiences and concerns of actual customer who call, visit, or patronize your business.

We will thoroughly examine and discuss your particular needs and objectives with you before the beginning of every project. Based on your needs, we will custom-design a project to suit your specific needs. Avant Research Group will provide mystery shoppers who fit the specific profiles of your customers to pose as customers and scrutinize the operations of your company. We will then analyze the results of your study to provide you with clear, concise findings and viable information.