Omnibus Services

Do you lack the resources to conduct a comprehensive survey, but would like to ask the general public several questions? Avant Research Group offers omnibus services to our clients as a low cost alternative to comprehensive studies.

Omnibus polls are surveys, usually telephone interviews, which are compiled of several groups of questions from various clients. These surveys, which are quick and interesting for respondents, and inexpensive for clients, have questions ranging from health care to favorite restaurants or sports teams. Any organization or business can use omnibus polls to gather information on any topic. Avant Research Group will analyze and report on the responses to your questions.

Avant Research Group offers a national omnibus, The Avant Research Group Poll ® and The Erie/Niagara Regional Poll™, a survey of two counties in Western New York. These omnibuses are conducted on a regular basis, and survey respondents proportionately to reflect actual populations according to geographic location, ethnicity, age, and other demographic characteristics.