Public Opinion Polling

Avant Research Group has used public opinion polling to help a variety of companies, organizations, and people identify opinions of and understand the perceptions and opinions of the public.

You’re running for public office. Do voters know you’re there? Do they know what you stand for, what you will do for them? What are they looking for in a candidate and how do they perceive you?

You’ve got a great idea, a great product, a great service, and you know it. But does the general public or your target audience know it? Are they aware of it? Does your product or service meet their needs; do they understand it? What is their perception of it?

At Avant Research Group we will help you identify and understand your audience. We will design and implement a study that will give you a wealth of information about the topics of your choosing.

A variety of data collection methods may be used to collect information for your public opinion poll. We can then track your study from year-to-year to identify any changes in the target audience or their opinions.