Sample Management & Development

The surveys are completed. You have the results. But the results of your study are based on the responses of the people who answered your survey. How can you be sure that these people are truly representative of the population you wish to study?

The sample, or list of people to contact, must be carefully designed and contacted, and must be the correct size.

Avant Research Group will carefully design and manage a sample, or list, of people to ensure accurate, representative results.

  • First, the sample is designed so that every member of the population has an equal chance of being contacted. This requires careful analysis of the population to ensure that no type of person, or opinion, is omitted.
  • For telephone surveys, the sample list is random digit dialed to ensure that all members of a population, including members with unlisted telephone numbers, have an equal chance of being contacted.
  • Appropriate screeners are used to ensure that the people answering the survey meet the qualifications of the target audience.
  • Surveys are conducted throughout the day to ensure that all types of respondents, regardless of age, occupation, or any other characteristics have an equal chance of being available when they are contacted.
  • The sample must be large enough to ensure that a certain number of people will respond. The larger the number of respondents, the smaller the margin of error and the more exact and precise a study will be.